My name is Paul Treloar. I am a born-again, bible believer whom God has called to reach the addicted for Christ. As an assistant pastor and director for a faith-based addiction program – RU Recovery. I have been helping addicts come to a personal, intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Many are not ‘churched’ individuals and find bible reading, prayer, and church attendance a daunting task.

One of my students struggled with getting anything out their bible reading. God gave me the idea of sharing just a thought from that day’s reading via text and they would send something back.

Well, it helped immensely, and others who heard wanted to be added to the text messages I sent out each day. The texts began to get a bit lengthy, and we moved to email. Now, these daily ‘Devos’ go out through this blog, email, social media, and newsletters.

My heart is to share what God gave me to meditate that day with others to be inspired and be drawn closer to the Father. So, if you find these Devos helpful, share with friends via email, social media, or text. It is God-given and meant to be shared.

So, grab your favorite cup and come warm yourself with His presence!



  1. Thank you Bro. Paul. I look forward to the quiet of the morning and reading the word. I also pray for my mom who is living with deminsia. She doesn’t speak anymore and sleeps a lot. I crawl in bed with her and talk and talk. I know she hears me because she tightly squeezes my hand. I kiss her forehead and cheeks. You don’t realise how much parents mean. My daughter Sarah layer in bed with her for about 20 minutes thanking her for everything she did for her, and then cried. “Please come back grandma”. I know she misses my parents, they weren’t just grandparents, but they taught her so much.


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