Have We Forgotten?

Psalms 9:17The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God.”

I am an American and I love my country.

For all those who read Daily Manna, and in whatever country you live, I hope the same is true for you as well. Love of country – patriotism – is something that makes a man willing to sacrifice his life for the good of his country. It makes a man willing to stand against the evils that seem to erode the very foundations that his country was built upon.

America was founded upon godly principles. One, in fact, that stands above the rest.

Soul liberty.

Roger Williams brought forth this principle to the founding fathers to release the people from having a government sanctioned church tell them what to believe. He believed that God gave man a free will to choose – in all matters – especially religion. Thus, he belived that man should be given the right to be allowed to make that decsion on his own – without any governmental intervention.

Remove that truth from American history, and much of the world’s evangelism and missionary work in the last century would have never would have taken place. Yes, God would have chosen another path; another country… even another man. But He didn’t.

But if you and I step back and think about this – every man; regardless of country, origin, race, color, culture – should have the freedom and opportunity to hear the truth of God’s Word to make up their mind for themselves to trust Jesus Christ as their Savior.

Given the judgment we read in Psalms today, it tells us a somewhat different view.

To forget God, you would first have had to have known Him – right? How could I forget something or someone I had never known in the first place? America seems to have fallen headlong in the path toward apostasy.


APOS’TASYnoun [Gr. a defection, to depart.]

1. An abandonment of what one has professed; a total desertion, or departure from one’s faith or religion.


America put God at the forefront and at her core, we saw Divine Providence in the founding of this nation. To look at her today, we’ve taken God out of our schools. We have tailored our language to make it ‘hate speech’ to speak biblical truths. We have embraced every form of wickedness and made it acceptable – except biblical christianity.

Daily Manna has become a global devotion and I do not wish to bemoan our country’s woes. Pray for us, please.

But the truth that God will reserve punishment for those who forget God means we fail to teach the next generation what we have accepted and embraced. As a first generation Christian, I have passion for my God that has translated into a committment and service that is going on 29 years.

If my children fail to learn to have a personal, intimate walk with the Lord Jesus Christ, I will feel as if I am a failure. It becomes a national failure… but it starts in the home. Revival of any magnitude, begins with the personal desire to forsake all wordliness and take hold of God – a personal holiness.

SO, to avoid the coming judgment, I must ensure that my children are saved – then try to reach as many as I can with the gospel with the time I have been given on this earth.

If each one were to reach one – we would see a global revival.

Purpose in your heart to tell someone about the Lord today. Ask God to put someone in you path today that is seeking Him. Then, tell how you got saved and invite them to do the same.

If you need help telling someone, click here

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