Sunday Soothings

Zephaniah 1:14 The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly.”

Is it enough to say “Jesus is coming soon?”

Many think Him fiction, or passive. Others say they believe, but their lives speak otherwise. But I ask:

“What say you?”

As a saved child of God, do you believe that Jesus could come any moment? I often challenge myself with these words because it becomes so easy to settle in and become complacent. Is it because there is not swift punishment for our sin? Do we think God is permissive with what we allow in our life?

We must never mistake God’s longsuffering for His approval with what we are doing or how we are living.

We are all in need of continuous examination daily. An honest, transparent look at our life as God would examine us – knowing all things. I cannot hide. If saved, we have the Holy Spirit of God living inside of us. He was there when we committed our sin.

The reality of the second coming of Christ is being lost on future generations because we fail to teach and preach with expectancy and enthusiasm like we truly believe Jesus could come at any moment.

Many who diet will be extreme in how they restrict themselves. We will cut out all dairy, carbs, and sugar to put their bodies into ketosis to lose weight.

What if the children of God would restrict themselves from the worldly influences and fee on a steady diet of Bible reading and meditation? What if we limited our entertainment to Christian movies that provoke us to do more for Christ? What of our music choices? What we read, and what to what we listen to?

What if we skipped one meal a day to fast and pray for God to save a lost loved one, or for a saved brother or sister in Christ to break some stubborn habit or be made free from the bondage of their addiction?

What if we sought revival in our church and asked others to covenant to pray with us until we do?

What if we aligned our finances that there would be more to invest in eternal things instead of frivolous, selfish things? Cutting back and living simply so we can give to missions. What about starting projects to reach the poor and homeless of our community?

What if we truly seek God’s help to restore those relationships broken by sin, not caring who is right or wrong but making all things new by washing it thoroughly in the blood of Jesus Christ.

What if we prayed earnestly for 30 days for God to soften the heart of that family member before witnessing to someone? Would we see more fruit? We truly will never know until we try.

If we can agree that Jesus is coming again and soon, why aren’t we more adamant by provoking one another to do more, praying more, and seeking the fullness and power available to do what only God can do through a surrendered, obedient child of God?

If this angers you or offends you in any way, ask yourself, “Why?”

We may find that we are not as spiritual or not as close to God as we once thought. Because we still have breath left in us, we can change that today. Don’t put off to tomorrow what can be done today.

Happy Lord’s Day!

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